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From the beginning,

this business has always been a family affair. We were on a mission to create a successful and profitable business that anyone could duplicate in the field using our proven model or monetize via social media by sharing these amazing products. We felt like, if we can get our kids making money, then anyone should be able to do it, no offense to the kids...they're amazing.

In order to do that we had to create amazing products to sell and build systems that worked every time.  We didn't just want to create a Sweet Tea we wanted to create the best Sweet Tea..so we did. Then we said maybe we need some Lemonade for the customers that prefer tart over sweet. So we created the most amazing Lemonade. Finally we decided that our lemonade and teas are incredible, but how could we make them better...how could we bring more excitement to our customer's experience...and our fruit flavored syrups were born.

We formulated and handcrafted every detail from the finest ingredients and tried to maintain the flavor profiles for how food used to taste. The Customizable Beverage Solution is exactly what it sounds like. You can create any type of drink your heart desires. All you need to do is start with our lemonade or tea and mix any flavor in any combination...it's all good.

As with anything, when you make great stuff people are going to want more. So it is with great pleasure that we are offering our products to the world. We hope you enjoy them. Please let us know what you think.


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