Delicious Beverage, purveyors of premium, custom flavored, made to order sweet teas and lemonades, was developed on a foundation of innovation, quality excellence and superior customer service.


We are a family owned and operated company with a strong background in food and beverage product development as well as quality and engineering excellence. We have applied all of our skills and passion into the development of this food company and we are extremely appreciative to see it come to fruition.


We are very excited about our street vendor business model, which will allow our products to get introduced to markets across the country in a very short time frame. While at the same time, it will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to build a viable business and create a legacy of their own. We will also be opening Sweet Tea Caf├ęs in select markets adding an additional level of excitement to our brand.


The journey has just begun, but we look forward to all the fun we will have, but of course are quite prepared for the challenges that come with any new venture.





Al Rem

Delicious Beverage

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